There‘s no label that doesn‘t exist. At least not at our company.
Size, format, colour, perforation – you decide what your labels are to
look like. And we also offer diversity in the printing. Which type of
font and size should it be? What colour should the printing be? Or do
you like hand-written labelling? Everything is possible. The specific
requirement governs the material. Tear-proof, resistant to chemicals,
temperature-resistant – how robust does your label have to be?

One of our specialities is labels with which a product can be tracked
every step of the way. For example, with barcodes, the entire route
can be documented – from production, through transport to the recipient. This so-called „on-demand industrial traceability“ is not a problem for us – and a blessing for many a customer.

Regardless of what you want looks like, we produce fast and supply
as quick as lightning. That is feasible at any time, not least of all thanks
to our own tool-making shop for all kinds of contours, the in-house
preliminary printing stage, an extensive material store as well as a reel
slitting machine. Ordered, produced and delivered!